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My understanding is you plan to attend the racist trump's inaugural swearing in. This is a total betrayal of all of us who believe in the equality of all people. By showing any support for this racist make you are racist too.

This racist man and the racist Republican Party. thwarted everything Res. Obama tried to do and now you are showing support for him.

Get smart Hillary! You lost the election because you were afraid to call all Americans to account and prove this country still had a moral back bone. You should have told all voters: Morally if you support a racist, you are a racist. You support a bigot, you are a bigot. You support a misogynist, you are a \misogynist. You support a sexual predator, you are an enabler.l

Why the Democratic Party and you show no courage in. speaking out about how the Republican Party used the passage of the civil rights act in 1964 for get the support of all the racist minority in this country and you and other Democrats should speak out and tell the truth about this minority who is destroying our country.

You didn't deserve to win. Now Americans are faced with a racist President who will contribute to changing this country to be only fit for the racist minority.

Thank you Hillary

Frank Biersach


Hillary and Bill

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I can't believe they would attend. It appears that in the end for the Clintons money won out.

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