Please do not attend ceremony next Friday

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You were treated as "crooked" by Mr. Trump and many other names. He still talk to wants to put in jail..
You have nothing to gain by attending next Friday ceremony. All you will do is to further disappoint people.
Bill Clinton was our president and he may have reasons to be there. You have none.


Do not attend Trump's Inauguration

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I still weep over your loss. I also weep now over how this great country is going to be destroyed by Trump, the Republican Party and Russia. I am begging you and President Clinton (who are great patriots) not to go to Trump's Inauguration. You going will be saying that you agree with his terrible agenda for this great country. He is an absolutely evil, corrupt and immoral man. PLEASE, stand for what is right. You know as well as all of us who voted for you that this should be you who is sworn in. You are the strongest woman I have ever known and I am so very proud of you and will support you in any endeavor you may have. Thank you for your amazing service to this country.

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