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Hillary, I have been a democrat until this election, which I have followed closely. What kept me from voting for you was the emails that you deleted after they were subpoenaed as if the law did not pertain to you. I will forever have a mental picture of an old lady in her back yard yielding a hammer and crazily smashing devices to smithereens. I have thought a lot about what would make me more afraid of my personal communications being read than I am of being charged with obstructing justice. I don't think the Benghazi emails would have ruined you since you have gotten away with more. I think that you could not taken a chance for your public to learn just what you have been doing. But that don't matter now.
What I want to tell you now is that more and more are leaving the Dem party due to the fact of the chaos and unrest that the liberal media and the losing politicians are coercing of our young instead of trying to create unity. The actions they are displaying are dangerous and destructive and not a one of you are trying to calm it, but are actually stirring it up. The Dems are filibustering some new leaders simply because they can and are keeping all Americans in danger of our enemies. Many people for decades had faith in our Democratic Party, but until they oust the ones who are doing nothing but stirring up our easily lead just to try and get their lost power back, I am forever done with them.
The dem Party abandoned me....


lets see

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lets see
emails rape
Emails never paid taxes
Emails pussy grabbing
emails Russia
Emails Saudi Arabia
Emails Bankruptcyx4
Emails Education Fraud
Emails 12 year old missing raped girl
Emails 3476 lawsuits
Emails Asking Russia to hack a citizen/candidates computer
Emails Voter fraud
Benghazi 8yo little girl killed
Benghazi Canadian Mulsim killed by Christians
Benghazi Giving nukes to Saudi Arabia

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