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I feel like my party has abandoned me.
I feel alone.
I feel scared.
I want to believe the DNC is doing everything it can and just not telling us for fear the Trump camp will find out, But i cant believe that either, because by now something would've been leaked.

I dont know how we got here. The man has broken every law that should put him in jail. He should've been stopped the minute he asked a foreign enemy to hack a presidential candidate and first Lady. Or when he admitted to cleverly not pay his taxes.

How does asking Putin to destroy a other American differ from WaterGate? This crime is actually worse.
I grew up a strong and proud democrat. We had a picture of president Kennedy and the Pope on our dining room wall. I was raised in fairly affluent household, most thought my family Republicans because of it.
I fought hard for equal rights and feminism. I worked tirelessly to get letters to our men in VietNam and let them know we were doing everything we could for their return home. I followed Watergate as it unfolded seeing the brave people who exposed it, And I felt sadness when watching a president be taken down who deserved it.

And at every juncture, my Democratic party was there, offering advise, consoling our disappointments and reveling in our successes.

But this feels so horribly other worldly to be frank. Some have gone as far as suggesting perhaps we have a real life Dr. Who event where all parties have been replaced by 'greens' or 'greys'. As preposterous as THAT sounds, it is easier to swallow than thinking I'm losing my mind and the patients have taken over the psyche ward.

He continues to break laws, actually running his business from the WhiteHouse.
He is cavorting with Russia and Putin. Something the Rosenbergs were executed for. And they were actually innocent.

And the especially troubling part is his transparency. You can predict his next move by his indulgent hashtags. #ElectionFraud, #FakeNews #dirtyHillary everytime he adds a new label to Twitter, that is what he himself is guilty of.

After the election, the shock tears and disappointment, we took comfort in knowing he could not do anything without congress and the senate being in accord. But that isnt happening is it?

He is writing out executive orders like deranged mad man and no one is stopping him.
He is appointing staff without vetting them. He is bringing on board the very people he accused YOU of patronizing.
He is destroying our immigration laws.

The news is always the same. We can't stop him. He hasn't done anything to bring impeachment. For crying out loud, look what they did to your husband. And he never did anything treasonous or harmful.

Trump is not running a presidency, he is delivering retribution. He hates us. And he will make us suffer. He is running an Anti-Obama, Anti-Hillary, Anti-DNC presidency. He is destroying everything good about our country.


He shoots his mouth off about our country in 4AM hyper rants on Twitter making us look absolutely useless to other countries.

And of course, he didn't even win. You did.
I understand your reluctance. He has threatened you more than once. I am praying that isnt the reason you are not taking a stand. You ran an exhausting campaign. You were humiliated as we all were.

A hacked election, a low voter total, constant conflicts of interest.

Why werent we given a chance to at least redo the election. If its money then that is even worse, because our liberties should never be forfeited because of cost.
I feel so alone, so betrayed so confused....
Please, be doing something. Even if you dont tell us, just PLEASE be fixing this. The sooner the better because the United States is a powder keg.

I dont know how to vote. My party has disappeared. And being a Republican is out of the question. Being an independant is strategic suicide.

I am praying for you and our Democracy. I feel you are our hero in waiting.


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You are truly pitiful. You are obviously clueless- completely uninformed!! You are a whiner of the highest order! Do some genuine deep research on your Hillary goddess and quit listening to the fools on the Mainstream Media. Hillary and the Democratic Party are finished! What was once a party of the people is now nothing more than a "basket" of deplorable whiners, protesters, hypocrites and idiots!

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