The New Administration

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These people have their own Agenda and it's all bad for the American Citizen's! They have Financial Holdings in Business that they will control Policy's over ! They will Profit from their Political Positions! They will transfer their WEALTH into Other Countries that they have interest in ! Right Now the very people involved in Middle East Peace Policy's have Financial Interest in ISRAEL! They have Relatives that are of Israel Decent ! Also The TRUMP Organization is heavy Financial Deals with Russian Banks ! They had Miss Universe in Russia! They sold Miss Universe to a Russian Hotel Owner that has ties with the Russian Mob! After Trump Organization went Bankrupt in the USA no banks would give them Funding! They Receive all of their Money from Russia! They had Russian Mob Live and Operating in TRUMP Tower! Most of their Real Estate deals were with the Russian Elite! Either Russian Mob or Russian Government! The Top Aides have ties to Russian oil companies! And they was in charge of Exxon in Russia also ! Every where we trun another Russian Tie ! Also involved with the American Mob ! Joey No Socks was the frist Person that he Celebrated the Election with ! This is the most Corrupt People in the World! They have this plan to turn the United States of America upside down ! They want to take Health Care away ! They are removing Prescription Coverage ( a lot of older and disabled people have a lot of Medical Issues and take a lot of Medicine) They want to take away Hospital Coverage, They want to take away Wellness Coverage that covers yearly checkups, they want to take away Women's Checkups away ! Mammograms! This would make getting Medical Care impossible and a lot of People will become sick or Die ! They won't be able to afford to go to the Doctors! How is this going to make America First! It's not ! Also now they want to make it ILLEGAL to Speak up for our Rights ! Outlaw Protest! Not allowing the American People to Organize against a Cause that we Know is Wrong!!


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