The Worst Thing in 241 YEARS! Yes the worst going back to 1776 !

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The New Administration has been in bed with Russia for over 30 years ! They also have deals in the works that involve Israel! They Advisor of Middle East Peace has interest and Property in Israel! They have interest in Israel being a JEWISH State! They don't want a two state Government in Israel! This goes back to NATO and the U.N. and even goes back to before then ! This has to do with U.N. Country's and taking over the World as an TOTALITARIAN Government! Where there is ONE WORLD Leader that control's all of the other Leaders-Rulers! They Rulers will be the FAMILY because they will be Blood Related! They are supposed to follow orders from their Brother in charge! There will only be one Blood Relative in each Country to begin with so that there is no way of a Chao ! But the leaders Children will be in line to become the next leaders in Charge! Just like Kings and Queens used to be ! Only the Elite will have a life . With All the comforts of a modern world! The Average Citizen will own nothing not even the shirt on their back ! They will not own Property, no House or anything! The Citizen's will become the Property of the Elite Family! Will we only receive food for services rendered and either live in the streets or in a Housing Project that the Elite Ruler allows so that we will be close at hand so that we will work close to where they House us ! Also close so they can keep control over the people! This is going to be the Middle Ages for the Middle Class and The Poor ! We will receive food only as long as we are Productive and Serve to the Cause ! But if you become sick they will do nothing to help you ! And if you are not with the program they will not feed you ! They will Starve you if you are not a Slave to them ! But if you speak up for yourself or another Person they will beat you ! If some way you were to get away there is nowhere to go or hide and they will declare you an OUTLAW and have you Hunted Down !


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