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You are a disgrace to America

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April 7, 2017

Dear Ms Clinton:

For a very long time I have felt you are a criminal and unfit to hold office!!!

Your past of disgrace included your failure to the Ambassy in Benghazi!!! You basically killed them yourself!!! What kind of Secretary of State lets the phone go to voice mail in the middle of the night on one more than one occasion on that night??? One who's unfit and a criminal!!!

You are unfit to hold any political position now, going forward, and in the past!!! Shame on you!!!


Claudia K Perry


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The only one at fault all the way around was her arrogance and belief she's above the law and the rest of her non-supporters.. She was never qualified for her positions​ and had no clue of the life and death reprocussions. She clearly puttered herself and we'll never know how many sal Patriots died because of her completely​ blowing off the security rules that keep us safe, anyone else would be in prison, not blaming the world because no one could trust her.

By Bobbie Jo. Butler

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