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Dear Mrs. Clinton
Hi ma'am my name is Aaron and i strongely encourage you to keep running for president after Donald trump's 1st 4years in office. Please Mrs. Clinton it's time for you to become the UNITED STATES 46TH. PRESIDENT. PLEASE KNOW I ALSO VOTED FOR YOU THIS YEAR OF 2016. DON'T STOP RUNNING KEEP GOING YOU CAN DO IT AND I WILL HELP YOU GET THERE. TELL BILL CLINTON I SAID HELLO AND IM WAITING TO MEET YOU BOTH.


Please meet me in person

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Mrs. Clinton i want to meet you and bill personally at his library in little rock, Arkansas. Send the invitation to 2310 Howard St. Little rock Arkansas 72206. I can help you win after Donald trump first 4 years in office. Please consider this mrs. Clinton.


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Wow, I am in awe from the bitter truth of how many uneducated, inbred, and mentally challenged people we have running amuck in our country!!!!

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