SSI needs a major change

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Hillary, There is something that doesn't even get looked and that is SSI. The fact you can only have $2,000 in the bank account isn't even close to livable in fact it's laughable. If you go over even 1 cent it will be discontuned . But, yet, there are people who truly need it. There are mothers and fathers trying to get by to support they're own child is something that desperately needs to be looked that. But, no one wants to. There are people out there with real mental and physical disabilities that can't even survive on it. To make things worse it's a real struggle just to go on it. You, might be denied 5 times before you actually can get approved. Never mind the wait period to even are determed to see if you even go before judge. I know things are done this way to find the moochers out there that actually just are to lazy to work. Does that mean the people who truly need it have to suffer because of it. I don't expect anything to come of this, but I hope something can be done


She doesn't care she has

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She doesn't care she has money and wants to keep ssi people on a lower level !

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