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You Fooled Around

Hi Hilary,

Girl, you are in big trouble! You fooled around. Now you're going to get caught red-handed. There will be no mercy for you. There will be no justice. You are going to get indicted. The prophet Jorel told us so.

I blame Bill for getting you into this mess. I never really saw you as being politically unscrupulous till you met him. Then again, I really didn't know what you were like when you were younger. You know how it is when people change over a period of time. They become more corrupt as they get older. Maybe this was your case too. I don't know. I won't judge. Bu... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Pathetic Liar and Thief

Hillary you are a disgrace to the United States! All the lies and criminal activity you were and I'm sure still are involved with is without a doubt. Bleechbit? Come On, a major crime and cover-up and you got off Scott free, Pathetic! YOU DESERVE PRISON!

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On SSI trying to get a job without a GED

Yes I have a valid driver's license no I don't have a job and no I cannot get anywhere to get a job without a car and I can only make beds for a living I cannot pass the GED that is why I am on SSI I have a learning disability that's valid and I want a job so I can have my insurance and live in a Republican state that does not appreciate Democrats I'm on Section 8 because I cannot even afford to pay regular rent and I moved to Florida from Michigan in order to be closer to my family who are Republicans living in a Republican state what is someone in my situation supposed to do I have a high... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >


Look at you disgracing yourself.. you need to be tarred and feathered.

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Donald the clown

President Hillary Clinton,

I wish desperately that you would have been president. Donald Trump is an absolute clown. The GOP has no idea what they are doing and this country is going down the drain FAST. Please help the american people! We need you and your fearless leadership!

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