Secretary Clinton

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Hillary, as strong supporters of yours in the Presidential election, we were extremely discouraged by your shocking loss. Now, however, we are more disappointed in you than we could have imagined. We have heard you are going toTrump's inauguration when you should be out with the protesters. You owe your supporters at least that much.



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I agree Hillary. You told us he was not fit to be President; how could you go????


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I have never written a comment in a pubic forum. But I had to speak out. That you and Pres. Clinton are attending the inauguration of Donald Trump is upsetting and discouraging. "In order to respect our democracy" you stated about going - If Trump's "win" has proven anything, it is that it has nothing to do with our democracy. He lied. He cheated. He withheld information. The popular vote didn't go to him. His party engages in selective, discriminatory gerrymandering and voter registration limitations that artificially skewed the election results. It would take enormous courage NOT to go to this disgusting and damaging inauguration. I hope and pray you and your husband have it in you to be conscientious objectors. Please. Make the right statement. Be on the right side of this date in history. Stay home.

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